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Franchise consultants are happy to recommend the following companies who we have formed a strategic partnerships. They offer fantastic service and great prices to Franchisors.


Webchise is the first UK-based Franchise Management System making it easier for Franchisors to get their business online, both for themselves and their Franchisees. It provides a coherent, strongly branded marketing tool across the whole franchise, together with business tools to make running the franchise easier.


The Sales Training Consultancy specialises in training salespeople to become more skilled and confident in their role. We work closely with our clients, helping their salespeople become more successful. Our unique sales training contract gives our clients access to a team of highly skilled, professional sales training experts, who can boost sales by making everyone in the sales team more effective.

24-7 pa

Here at 24-7PA we offer a professional call handling service designed to enhance your business at its most important point of contact, that first call. All our systems are designed to make life easier for our clients. All our staff are trained to answer your calls in a professional and polite manner.

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How to Franchise my Business, complete package!


We know franchises provide a way for individuals to start their own businesses with the backing of an established brand and business process. By buying a franchised business opportunity the franchise greatly improve your chances of succeeding in business - indeed, the British Franchise Association recently claimed that more than 90% of franchisees are still trading profitably after 5 years.

We at Howto- do all the hard work of finding the perfect franchise partner for you. The process entire process is totally free - it doesn't cost the potential franchisee a penny.

How to Select a Franchise

We only recommend the best franchises. The franchisees will get the best ongoing support and expertise to ensure the maximum return on your investment. We have dozens of franchises to suit every type of person, budget and location.

There will be a simple registration, Howto- realise choosing the right franchise can be confusing and complicated. We have many years of experience with franchises and we'll make sure the right franchise to suit the franchisee skills, aspirations, personality, budget and location. We will help the franchisee through the entire process, and make it as simple as possible. We understand this is a big decision, that's why we can help the franchisee choose the perfect franchise.

How to Franchise my Business, complete package!