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Franchising helps you to release the potential for your brand and operating format. Our 20 Page Template Franchise Agreement gives you the tool by which to attract, motivate and control the resources of a commercial partner - franchisee.

By franchising you grant of a license to a third party to operate to a defined business format in return for a fee. Our Franchise Agreement offers clarity (through a well-planned commercial offer) and control through an appropriate legal structure and clearly defined operating methods. Our Agreement protects you and encourages fulfillment of obligations by the franchisee to your standards.

The Franchise Agreement has been developed to give you full coverage of all items necessary to secure your franchisee. Items such as: Insurance, Location, Operations Manual Usage, Non-Competition Protection, Protection of Proprietary Information, Use of Approved Supplies. This Agreement is designed to accommodate any type of business Food, Retail, Manufacturing and Service Businesses. It is completely flexible and can be personalised to individual business easily. Click here for a free sample.

Franchise Agreement

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If you want to grow or improve returns from your business, then one of the most powerful business tools available is franchising.

The Agreement is licensed for use in one business. The license gives the purchaser the rights to modify, add too, delete items and make as many copies of the Agreement necessary for their franchisees.

Franchise Agreement
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Master Franchise Agreement

Our skeleton master franchise agreement, primarily designed for the appointment of a master franchisee who is granted an exclusive right to operate itself and to grant (or sub-franchise) franchises within a territory. This is a comprehensive Master Franchise Agreement to appoint a master franchisee who will sell franchises for you within a specified territory, on a non-exclusive basis. Provisions of the Agreement include:

  • The master franchisee has the right and license to use the proprietary business marks of Franchisor, to establish and operate franchise centres within the territory and to license other franchisees to operate those franchise centres.
  • A franchise fee will be paid for each franchise sold, plus a continuing royalty.
  • The franchisor will provide an initial training program.
  • The master franchisee is responsible for ensuring each franchisee operates in accordance with the system developed by Franchisor, including purchase and sale of products, operating standards of quality, etc.
  • Provisions concerning design and construction of franchise centres.
  • Use of trade marks and other proprietary marks.
  • Confidentiality provisions.
  • Events of default, procedure for termination.
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