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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I believe that the documents are in word format. Will the documents also be delivered in word format if I purchase the product?

A. The documents are in Microsoft Word, which is a universal file format. That's why can be used with any word processor programme. The software is also compatible with any version of Windows or Mac OS.

Q. Can I edit the document templates?

A. Of course! The documentsí format ensures that you are able to easily modify them to suit your specific situation. You can use the templates as many times as you need.

Q. I read on your site that I will be sent an email with attachment soon after my transaction is accepted; but does also ship a CD-Version of their templates? If so, how much will it cost me?

A. In addition to your instant download, offers FREE CD-ROM Shipping Worldwide to clients who purchases the Complete Howto- Franchise Package (all shipping & handling fees included, worldwide delivery). You should normally receive your CD about 10 to 15 days after you placed your order. You can use this CD as a backup copy of your product.

Q. My company is located outside the UK. Given that the laws in my country are different from UK laws, can I still use documents.

A. The answer is yes. In fact, documents are used in over 90 different countries. We have hundreds of clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, just to name a few.
The legal document templates you will find are "general" rather than specific, meaning that we do not refer to any local/state/country law. Since the laws are constantly changing, documents would not be a trustable tool if our documents were to refer to outdated regulations. We recommend that you always ask your lawyer to review any document that you might have created with our product before signing an important agreement. But for most of the cases, the templates will require only minor customisation - the do-it-yourself document models were created to fit general business needs, with little impact resulting from what country(s) you operate in, or in what industry your company is.

Q. After I have purchased the Howto Franchise how long will it take before I can franchise?

A. This does depend on you but within 2 weeks if you put your full effort in it.

Q. I don't have a credit card. How can I purchase

A. We offer alternate ways to purchase Package. Please click here to email us.

Q. Who are

A. We are a website based franchise consultancy. Who have dramatically reduced the cost of franchising. We have been involved in franchising for the past 17 years. But we now bring franchise solutions at reasonable prices. We supply templates that have been drawn up by solicitors, design consultants and expert copywriters.

Q. Why are your prices so low?

A. After buying 100ís of franchise agreements and operation manuals from the leading solicitor and operation manual specialists, we found at least 90% of the contents were the same. This was the case whether the business was a coffee shop to a private detective agency. We therefore commissioned our own templates of these documents, buying the copyright, and making them available to you at a fraction of the price.

Q. Do you have a check list of what I need before I Franchise my business?

A. Here there are a number of items which need to be produce before you can franchise - all available from, such as a:-

* Franchise Information Pack
* Franchise Recruitment Process
* Franchise Operations Manual
* Franchising Training Programme
* Franchise Agreement

Q. I wish to Franchise my business. How do I go about it?

A. There are a number of steps you need to take before deciding to franchise. can help you at a fixed cost. The first step is to arrange for us to do a free assessment. Also download our FREE guide on howto- franchise found on our home page and please try out our FREE Feasibility Test.

Q. What are the steps I need to take before Franchise my business?

A. You need understand the realities of Franchising your business, strengths and weakness of your business. You need to produce 3 Documents:

* A Franchise Agreement Franchise
* Operations Manual
* Information Pack for Franchises

And read our Howto- Franchise manual to determine the key 'sizzle' factor of your business which is unique to you.

Q. How can you help me to Franchise my business?

A. takes a flexible approach to the way we help our Clients. We have the capacity and expertise to undertake all the tasks listed. Alternatively we offer a DIY option to show you how to Franchise your business. We also provide a comprehensive range of document templates.

Q. So What's Unique About franchising System?

A. First, we focus on getting your business 'franchise ready' in record time. We offer you an A la Carte Menu at Take Out prices. This unique almost revolutionary approach ensures massive SAVINGS & success. franchising services are without doubt the most successful & effective franchising system created. Our success rate is of paramount importance to us - and what's more, since we don't work like franchise consultants where the clock's always ticking, our success in the main is completely reliant on your success.

Q. ' How is ' DIY Franchising' going to ensure franchising Success?

A. Franchising a business isn't easy. Anyone who says so just doesn't know what they're doing. However, because of the unique way in which we have designed our templates, and the fact that we can apply our 'DIY Franchising System' to ANY business, the process is quicker, less painful, and more successful. Our service is quick and extremely thorough process and:

* You're using our huge expertise to give you success
* No Hourly Or Daily Rate Fees
* Low Risk for You/ small up-front FIXED costs for actual products
* Quick Return On Your Investment
* We will do 90% of the work - you'll quickly grow to love this system
* First Class Sales And Marketing Systems

Q. "I Wish I Knew How To Franchise My Business?"

A. With a service like this, you don't ever have to wonder how you go about franchising your business - and making it a success. Like we have already explained in the beginning, success is almost guaranteed. 'DIY Franchising System' is like no other. We have to make your franchise operation a success. Our livelihood depends on it. Now we know this isn't for everyone. But just think - what if this really is for you? What if your business can be very successful as a franchise operation? What if you choose another option, and it all ends in tears? It doesn't cost you a penny to find out more about our 'DIY Franchising System!'

Q. What should I do now?

A. Email us now and we will arrange a free no obligation preliminary meeting.