How to Franchise advice, franchise templates, low cost franchising

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HowTo–FranchiseMyBusiness.Com is a very successful leader in franchise development, marketing, and sales, we have worked and built a reputation for developing successful local, regional, and National franchises in every business category including retail, service, manufacturing, and distribution, helping them successfully franchise their businesses. They have chosen to use our very unique DIY Franchising Programmes or one of our One to One Friend Programmes. We have a wealth over 15 years of franchising experience.

The business was initially founded by Roderick Hindmarsh who is recognised by many as an expert in the field of franchising. In addition we have a number of expert associates providing a complete range of franchise support services including franchise advertising, marketing as well as single and multi-unit sales, and franchisee financing, all continue to play important roles in HowTo–FranchiseMyBusiness.Com. The company can offer its highly valued, no-risk DIY Franchising Programme to most businesses.

Types of businesses we have assisted to franchise:  


How to Franchise advice, franchise templates, low cost franchising

Please find below comments from some of our many satisfied customers:

"We recently purchased the complete package from At first we were hesitant but on receipt of the documents we have found the package to contain some valuable information and have been well worth the investment. The guides have now given us a clear direction of the process for setting up our licensing business. The templates are easy to modify and adaptable for our service and we are very excited to move forward with the expansion of our business. Thank you for saving us time and expense!" Dawn - Director, DanceMode UK Ltd

"We purchased the entire package a few weeks ago. We had talked to franchise consultants but had decided that we would be spending too much time explaining our business to them, when we were perfectly capable of writing documents and designing our own marketing. We found the package to be incredibly useful and time-saving. Of course the templates needed adapting, but it's much easier to write a manual when you have something to work with. It is of course a lot cheaper too! Keep up the good work!" Paula,

"I can honestly say that it is beyond our expectation and we have found it so valuable and easy to use, I was a little cautious about the purchase but my fears were put to rest once the product was downloaded. I found it to be excellent value and has saved us months of work and although, I thought, I already had a good Operations Manual it soon became clear how bad it was. I have now incorporated your product into our network and the feedback has been positive. Thank you for a great product!" Keith Walker MD, Bluemoon Agencies Ltd

"The products we received from HTFMB have, undoubtedly, enabled us to short-cut the start-up process and to bring forward our expected launch date. We received even more help than expected and anticipate a mutually rewarding long-term relationship." Graham Kemp, Director,

"I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to sort out our Franchise Agreement, our questions were dealt with very quickly, but because it was so self explanatory there were very few of them." Michelle & Colin Nevin,

"Thank you we certainly did find you helpful!" Vinod Gauba,

"I downloaded your "how to franchise my business package" into my computer. After I got time to read them I was so amaze the simplicity and user friendly outline it is. With no experience in Franchising like me your package is very helpful. Your Operational Manual and Franchise Agreement is magnificent that I replaced mine. Thank you very much! " Violet Legaspi CEO,, based in the PHILIPPINES

"We are very satisfied with our Franchise Agreement & Operations Manual." Eddie Addico, MD - City People

"Brilliant! You are legends! I think I want to buy my own franchise!" Alan Wright, Chairman - BioSecurity

The Howto-Franchise service for would-be franchisors is customised to your business specific needs. To find out more about our invaluable service for franchisors, call us on 01527 406987 and ask to speak to one of our Experts. Alternatively, please use our contact form and we'll get back to you.

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Why Does Franchising Make Such Good Sense?

We believe that if your business is "franchise-able", you should seriously consider this. Franchising can be the most cost-effective way to expand a business, for the following reasons:

  • Franchisees provide most of the growth & capital through franchise fees and royalty fees.
  • The franchisee has a vested interest in making the business work and will generally be much more motivated than hired management.
  • Many franchises can be operational in a short time which can eventually lead to brand name power.

Our Unique & Patented "DIY Franchising System"

Our specialists have put together a complete "Franchise Your Business System" available on a download or CD. Business owners can grow their business quickly and inexpensively by Franchising. We have over 15 years of Franchising Expertise in developing and operating Franchises. This is the same Franchising programme that usually costs from £10,000 to £50,000. But we will make available to you for £1,499 for a complete programme which includes all the necessary documents you need to Franchise Your Business and operational controls for your Franchisees.

Franchising Your Business really does add up

"Let me tell you a brief, but true story... 9 months ago there were 2 similar businesses. One of the businesses now has 6 franchisees in place. 7 more interested. The other business has a different story. It's doing ok. But the owner is working every hour with little growth! What made the difference? The first business was franchised using our unique 'DIY Franchising System"

We've created a very powerful and proven system, which turns conventional franchising on its head. We focus on getting your business 'franchise ready' in record time. Conventional franchise methods and franchise consultants taking a huge fee and a great deal of time, for what can be put together simply and effective by you under our system at a fraction of the cost or time.

Franchise expertise at takeaway prices

We offer you an 'A la Carte' menu of products & services at take away prices

This unique approach ensures massive SAVINGS & SUCCESS. Franchising a business isn't easy. However, our unique 'DIY Franchising System' can be applied to ANY business, the process is quicker, less painful, and more successful. Why not make your purchase today?